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Fall 2010

The Newsletter of UF Computing & Networking Services  

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CNS - General

Remedy Changes

Changes to the CNS Remedy 'trouble-ticket' system include better handling for "urgent" requests, and customer-feedback surveys.

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Welcoming Rob Adams, UF Information Security Officer

In August 2010, CIO Elias Eldayrie announced the appointment of Rob Adams as the University of Florida's first Information Security Officer (ISO). As the ISO, Mr. Adams serves as the Sr. Director of Information Security and Compliance and fills an important role in the execution of the Information Technology Action Plan (ITAP). Adams assumed his new position September 17, 2010.

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Brad O'Hara Leads Network Management Systems

CNS is pleased to announce the promotion of Brad O'Hara to manager of the Network Management Systems group. He succeeds Marcus Morgan who retired this past June.

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GLAuth Sunset Nov. 1

The time is near to end the old GLAuth service used since the late 1990s. On Nov 1, 2010 GatorLink authentication using the "GLAuth" services will be discontinued. The replacement of this service has been underway since 2008 and production services that replace GLAuth have been available since January 2009.

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CNS Staff Member Elected to National IT Service Position

At SHARE in Boston this past August, Steve Ware, Systems Coordinator, CNS Mainframe Systems, was elected to the SHARE Board as a Non-officer Director for a two year term.

Training Opportunities

UF Information Technology Security Awareness Day, Oct. 27

ITSA Day will be held Wednesday, October 27, in the Reitz Union Auditorium on the UF campus. The event is sponsored by the University of Florida Office of the Chief Information Officer and will be hosted by the Office of Information Security and Compliance. ITSA Day is free and open to the public. No registration is required.

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IT Security & YOU: Security Made Simple

  • Never give out your password
  • Always update your computer

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Immediate Service for Outages & Network Problems, 24 x 7

CNS has always been staffed 24 x 7 for network problems and service outages. Recently, changes have been made to the CNS Remedy system, the mechanism for reporting those problems and outages.

Urgent problem? Pick up the phone!

Previously, if you had an critical problem, we asked that you just complete a Remedy ticket and mark it "Urgent." However, we have encountered instances where urgently-needed action was delayed because of lack of adequate communication. So, now, if you encounter a service outage or network problem that is truly time-critical, we ask that in addition to filling out the ticket, you also telephone us. Our Operations staff are available at 352.392-2291. A real live human being will answer your call and, if necessary, route it to the engineer on call. We do ask that customers calling after hours use discretion deciding when a problem is truly critical; engineers need their time off too!

Most problems can be reported in the usual way, through the Remedy Ticket system. You can report:

  • Individual customer issues:
  • trouble with email
  • passwords
  • individual account and connectivity problems
  • and more
  • Broken systems, services, or campus networking outages:
  • interruptions to CNS-supported services
  • hosting
  • VPN
  • Wireless
  • Authentication
  • GatorLink services
  • building connectivity to UF Core Network
  • and more

Requesting New Services, Connections, Configuration Changes

Service change requests are not routinely monitored outside of normal business hours. Some examples include:

  • Initiate or change Network Monitoring
  • Port activation/New Cables
  • Network Equipment/Cables changes
  • Domain Name Services and changes
  • Add/Remove Network Filters and Firewalls
  • If you have a Service Change request that you believe is urgent, please fill out the request form, and also TELEPHONE CNS Operations [352.392-2291] to alert us to the nature of the issue.

    Customer Feedback Surveys

    CNS is first-and-last, a Service organization, so it is essential that we check with YOU, to find out how well we are doing at serving your needs. To help accomplish this, we've added a feature to our Remedy ticket system which will send out a link to a (very) brief customer feedback survey when your ticket is closed. Please respond to these, to help us learn how we can provide you with the best service possible!

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